March 18


01:30 pm - 02:30 pm

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Bodhi Tree Meditation Sangha


Bodhi Tree Meditation Center

654-A N. Judd Street

Honolulu, HI, US

• What we’ll do
Zen Dance awakens the body and mind, based on a beautiful ancient Korean meditation technique. It combines lower abdominal breathing, tai chi, meditation and dance. Specific benefits include:
1) Tanjun breathing: transforms life force (ki) up all of the energy centers.
2) Movement creation: transforms ki from the tanjun area to the rest of the body by concentrating the mind on the process of creating each movement, becoming a dance of meditation.
3) Peace of mind: one’s complex illusions and emotions can be transformed into movement creation by the vocal sounding of Yimoko (What Am I ? ) breathing.
4) Harmony of yin and yang: one can release emotions of anger and negativity in the process of dance improvisation.
5) Calming the mind-body: through mudra (hand poses), walking and sitting meditation.

Class is free, donation is welcomed.
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